Monday, July 25, 2005

Sweet Morning

I didn't actually wake up that early. Probably 7:30, which is actually late by many standards. And I didn't get out of bet until count me as the lazy lot.

However I did get up before anyone else in my house so that must count for something.

I wanted to get a jump on the day. Okay...not really. I wanted to come downstairs and make some tea, let out the dog, do my stretches, burn a cone of incense, and check the site meter before anyone made the house noisy.

That time has passed though. It was noticed that I was missing. Next time I'll be up earlier. 20 minutes of quiet in the morning just isn't enough.

But at least I was the first one to open up the package of Billington's Demerara Sugar. The package claims it is perfect for sweetening coffee and tea. You'll hear no argument from me.


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