Sunday, July 24, 2005

Savoring Summer

I sit here now at the computer screen...the computer whirring softly. Caleb announces that he has fixed the vacuum [again]. I'm just happy that the floors are clean once more. We are waiting for our friend to arrive, and who knows what craziness the evening will bring. But for now I am happily enjoying the coolness air conditioned house. It is hard to believe that an 2 hours ago we were dripping with sweat wondering if we would actually make to Dairy King for our soft serve ice cream treat.

After church we scraped together our change. Neither of us deposited our paychecks on Friday in time for them to clear, so we have been miserably broke all weekend. We gathered a total of $4.70 between the two of us. Enough for 3 ice cream cones. And if you are 11, or if you are Caleb and Kassi that is incentive enough to endure a 5 mile bike ride under the scorching hot sun, and scathing wind in order to have some frozen goodness.

We made it to our destination, however before reaching the famed Dairy King keeper of icey treates, we side tracked to Kellogg Park. In the center of Kellogg Park, as could be seen from about 1/2 mile away is a fountain. Caleb and I didn't really have to say a word, we both just headed towards it and the relief that it was sure to bring. I'm surprised we didn't dive in despite the unnatural blueness of the water.

At first it was nice because the breeze forced the water to spray gently in our direction. Misting us lightly. It was heaven. okay, it wasn't heaven but it was really dang close considering just moments ago we were baking in our own juices.

We lingered a bit long at the fountain enjoying the break. And then the wind picked up...and the water with it. It was reminiscent of a fire hydrant springing a leak, and we both were doused with refreshing chemically treated fountain water. It was awesome.

Afterwards, the Dairy King was a mere 5 minutes away...and we partook of our ice cream cones. Kimi of course had conquered hers by squishing the cone before she was actually through eating the ice cream out of it. But I suppose everyone enjoys their ice cream in their own way.

Because we had depleted our drinking water on the way to Dairy King, we stopped at a gas station to buy a Propel, which we shared between the three of us. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Propel, but for Caleb and I it is the elixer of life. And in this instance it was the best tasting drink in the world--and sustained us until we arrived home.

Of course, we arrived home...haggard, bedraggled, sun beaten, and winded. But this is how we arrive home every time that we have gone riding [except the time we got caught in the thunder storm]. However, this has not stopped us from taking these excursions. In fact, with each ride we anticipate the next one even more.

Maybe it is the fact that we are actually experiencing life. Or maybe it is the fact that no matter how hot it is, it is just good to be outside, making an effort to enjoy the weather. Or maybe it is because after arriving home taking a shower never felt so good. And quite honestly, I am looking forward to our next ride.


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