Monday, July 18, 2005

Pooping is the Most Fun in the World!

This is the attitude one takes when trying to potty train a very stubborn three year old.

The challenge is that after extoling jubilantly over every time the child goes to the bathroom in the toilet, it becomes difficult to show sincerity. At some point you just want them to quietly go to the bathroom without sending invitations and receiving gifts.

I suppose that if this were just between Kimi and I, it would be okay however,our friends who are over often have also taken to applauding and praising her whenever my daughter goes potty where she should.

Perhaps this is because I have forced them to be a part of this process because her potty chair is in the hall [in plain view], where she won't forget about it rather than the bathroom, where she will forget about it.

No doubt, I am appreciative that our friends have been so understanding...I am sure that many people would have opted to decline our invites after the first few times of Kimi-style show and tell, both nude and clothed. Our friends are a special group, without question.

The dilemma I have with all of this cheering is that I wonder if she will progress past the need to announce [as well as show] her bowel movements to everyone. And even more disturbing...will she only go if she has an audience who will cheer her on...


At 01:33, Blogger desertUndine said...

hee hee - we're just starting with little one number two - I have seriously considered the potty in the hall thing, I'm glad there are others that do that too...

At 08:46, Blogger Kassi said...

I have a friend who actually put the potty chair in the living room, so that their son would remember, even through his children's shows. It may sound horrible, but it worked...he was potty trained at age 2.5...that is where I got my idea. I actually tried the living room, but then quickly decided that I wasn't THAT adamant that she learn so quickly.

At 15:08, Blogger desertUndine said...

Living room? Wow - that is creative, but then again, I could see other things being put in the there! My first was potty trained at 2, in panties at 2 1/2. I thought it was going to be the same with this one. Nope. No way - which is fine, but totally makes me realize that every kid is different in EVERY way possible and you can't rely on ANYTHING.


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