Friday, June 17, 2005

The Tickets are Bought...

This weekend we will be venturing to Cedar Point The Roller Coaster Capital of the World!! This is a big thing for a few reasons...

1. It is Abi's first time there
2. It is the first "fun" thing that we have been able to do as a family
3. It is the first "fun" outing that I have been able to do with my kids since...well, in a loooong time
4. It's a surprise
5. It's the roller coaster capital of the world...I mentioned that right?
6. There is no fighting allowed at Cedar Point [house rules]

Two nights ago I measured Abi to make sure that she would be tall enough to ride the 'big' rides. She is. She is 47 inches tall, and with her shoes on that makes 48. It's the magic number for Cedar Point.

I remember when I went to Cedar Point as a kid. I have been there several times [at least 7 times], all with very good memories.

But one thing I do know is that if you want optimal fun at this amusement park you must be 48 inches tall [with shoes on].

So, planning this Cedar Point trip had to include making sure that Abi could run around and enjoy the rides with us.

And she can!

And I'm so excited for her! And for me!

So far the weather will be the low to mid 70's. We've already bought tickets..which means that there is no backing out...the dog has been taken care of, Kimi is staying with my cousin Chad...[no I am NOT taking a 3 year old to an amusement park are you MAD?]...maniacal laughter, and running around like we come! Caleb will be Willy and I'll be Nilly.

We haven't told the kids, but I know that Zac knows...he is good enough to not say anything. I think he has learned that spilling the beans could mean that the beans don't happen. Why mess with those odds?

Abi on the other hand thinks we are going to stay home all day and do chores. However, when we leave in the morning I may throw in that it is "national immunization day" and that we have to travel to the hospital early to avoid the lines...

Ahhh...being a parent definitly has it's advantages as well.


At 09:48, Anonymous Scott C. said...

"National Immunization Day"???

Oh, that's so cruel...yet, so right! :P

Have fun!!!!!!! :)

At 12:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll have to blog on how the trip was. Really interested in hearing how much fun the family had and what Abi's first Cedar Point experience went.


At 17:00, Blogger Kassi said...

I will as soon as the photos come back :)


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