Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Little girl with honey wisp hair.

What would life be if you weren't here?

You tell me of strawbabbies and that all the birds are yours.

You remind me to "look at you" when you have something to say.

I would not know the wonder of ants.

I would not know of bibbit-monkeys.

Who would tell me to put on my seatbelt, or lock my door?

Who would tell me to count so that they could hide?

Who would make sure that everyone said "hello"?

Maybe somebody else. Maybe not.

There is only one you.

The only you that will ever be.

You are here.

So the birds will be just fine.

Many people are pro-abortion. And I pose this question to you...what if this child had suffered the same fate at the rest? All that I know of her would be lost. I believe that every baby has the right to know what a strawberry is. I believe that every baby has the right to feel the breeze on thier face. I believe that every baby should be given a chance to cuddle, grow, hop, run, play, laugh, sing, and cry. Life is not meant to be easy. There are no ideal situations. Choices are not always without hurt. Please don't prevent the wind from touching your childs face just because it hasn't dried the tears on yours.


At 19:59, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Lovely post, Kassi.


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