Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Let's Journal My Meltdown...

Today, seemingly inconsolable...I quite literally decided that I should quit my Corporate Finance class. Just quit. Because seriously, the formulas are like trying to decipher hieroglyphics. Future Value, Present Value, Interest Rates, Value of's GREEK to me, I mean, when I do my financial planning I will hire someone with a very large brain to do it for me. Literally, when I go searching for the right person, their head will be abnormally large.

So, sitting at my computer, totally overwhelmed...I cried. And Caleb told em to get away from the computer...and I cried "What about learning this alien language?" He said it could wait...

This is of course after I sent a frantic email to the instructor...and later found out that I sent it to the wrong instructor...see how good I am?

So...he was able to discern by my mascara streaked face that I needed to calm down. He proceeded to show me the wonders of Video on Demand. To which I learned how to make white pepper ice cream, and watched an episode of Jeff Corwin Unleashed.

Jeff Corwin is awesome, and I was good for the laugh...

So I downed my tea, and listened to Caleb moon over his new remote control and all of the wonderful channels we get that will surely enrich our lives...

It was a good distraction.

Afterwards though, hard reality amount of Jeff Corwin can take away the fact that I am enrolled in Corporate Finance. And worse, if I don't pass--I'll have to take it AGAIN.

So, I am back to trying to decipher these codes...surely all of this FV,PB, I, i, FVAn, and iNom means something pertinent to my daily life.

Perhaps after all is done I will have contacted alien life forms or cracked the DaVinci Code or something like that.

In the meantime, if you approach me take some advice from Jeff Corwin; use caution, be fast, and carry a U-Hook. [Chocolate will work too]


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