Monday, June 06, 2005

Days in White Cotton

Today I longed for a big white t-shirt, something flowy to allow the air, any air to be trapped next to my skin.

It was 95 degrees out today.

Michigan has no business being that warm.

I am the sort that prefers her weather to remain in the mid to high seventies. Anything beyond that is pushing my patience.

It was beautiful out though. We strolled [and sweated] through the botanical gardens. The kids had fun, actually letting Kimi out of the jog stroller to frolic in the flowers.

I took tons of photos [of course]. My favorite is of Kimi trying to rub Dandelion butter on her nose.

Afterwards was a mandatory trek to get Bubble Tea. Duh.

We were a sweaty mess, but didn't care. And I remain forever amazed at the lack of courtesy displayed by Ann the fact that an adult man actually told my daughter that her choice of drink looked gross. [??] Who says that to a kid? Especially one you don't know.

The whole weekend was afflicted by this hot weather. I spent most of Saturday indoors doing homework. And then when I took a break it was to go see Caleb in a play that he was in.

I am glad that it is almost summer, dont' get me wrong. I just think that I need to be in better shape and buy more clothes. Loose fitting ones that flow in the breeze. If I could get away with draping a gauzy white sheet around me every day this summer, believe me I would.

Unfortunately the toga look isn't in this year.


At 00:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today I longed for a big white t-shirt, something flowy to allow the

At 10:33, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

You should teach your daughter some Winston Churchillisms - something like, "It's true, sir, my drink MAY look gross. But it will be gone in the morning and you will STILL be ugly."

Or does that only work with alcoholic beverages? On second thought, just teach her to kick him in the shins and run.

At 14:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you send me some of the pictures from your little adventure.



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