Thursday, May 26, 2005


Yesterday I introduced my youngest child to "helicopter seeds"...the little seeds that fall off the maple trees that spin their way down to the ground.

They've dried up and can be found in piles all over the place, and especially our back patio.

I showed her how if she throws it up in the air or lets it drop from above her head it will catch the air and spin before hitting the ground. She delighted in the was a charming moment.

Today the trees thanked me for introducing this simple magic to my daughter.

I was driving home through the neighborhood across from where we live. The lane was shady as there are a lot of big maple trees. As I drove, the wind picked up sending thousands of tiny helicopters into flight, whirling across my path.

Tiny spinning seeds
propelled by the windy day
raining down on me

This continued for the entire length of the road.

As I turned the corner out of the neighborhood, a smile was on my face. I remembered the smile, it was the one I had as a little girl. A little girl who loved to climb trees and send helicopters into flight from the highest branches she could reach.


At 16:03, Blogger kastrukoff said...

I've been secretly reading your blog every week day since I found it over a week ago and I felt compelled to post.

I'm still young, just a month short of 19, and I remember very clearly discovering those on my own. I grew up in Northern Canada so we didn't come by helicopter trees often, but when I did, infront of a public library.. well to make a story short, I started going to the library more and more often.

Thanks for the memory check.

At 16:12, Blogger Kassi said...

Thank you for reading [and posting]! I am glad to know that "helicopters" are a happy memory for someone else besides myself :)

At 14:18, Anonymous RichD said...

It's memories like this that I can't wait to hear from my daughter when she is a grown woman.
Kastrukoff, you found a great blog site, full of vivid life experiences, antics and family love. I'm glad Kassi is my friend. =)

At 13:02, Blogger Smito said...

And I really like your haiku.

At 12:16, Blogger Kassi said...

..thanks guys!! :)


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