Thursday, May 26, 2005

Visitor from Cheeseland

My friend Scott is coming in for the weekend. I've known Scott for quite a long time...since before Zac was born...and for me that is saying a lot.

I haven't kept in touch with very many of my friends from my younger days, and there are only a handful of people whom I have kept in touch with from all of my traveling.

I met Scott in Hawaii. I lived there for three years, that is where my son was born. Hawaii-days were a fun time in my life. Though it saddens me that most of the friends that I made there have all scattered to the wind.

In all actuality, our friendship renewed about 3 years ago. We had lost touch as many people do, with the busy-ness of life.

Scott has made a genuine effort where others have not, to stay in touch with me since that point forward. This will mark his 3rd trip out to Michigan. This time it isn't for a wedding or anything special, and that's good. It means that we will be able to take him to some of our haunts.

We'll introduce him to the ever addictive Bubble Tea from Bubble Island...we'll take a trek out to the Highland games, and we'll most likely hang out in Ann Arbor, and definitley play Gloom.

I know that this weekend will be riddled with opportunities to pick on me, but I anticipate that I will be able to throw back some good witty comments, because it is all about the banter.

Good humored banter of course. I mean...he knows I can so kick his butt.


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