Wednesday, May 18, 2005

World Domination Through Good Leadership..what? it's possible.

One of my classes this semester is "Project Management". I determined before taking this class that I was going to pay closer attention to what I could learn from the instructor, text, and other students. I thought that being able to manage my time better would only be a plus to my advantage in all areas of my life.

As the class unfolds, I am learning that it is very involved. And the more I look at Project Management, and the ability to do it effectively, the more valuable I will become to an employer, and myself. Perhaps I won't exactly drive myself crazy with overbooking everything.'s all about pace.

Anyway, the class is going well, and I actually 'feel' myself maturing, learning, and expanding my views regarding how to manage myself and others. I am after all going to school to become a manager of people. I already am, but I don't exactly get paid for it.

This class, like most of my other online courses require me to participate in a group project. The entire project is accomplished through coordinating 5 or more people through communicating via email, or discussion board posting. It is not as easy as you may think. For instance, one main reason why people take online courses through their university is because they already have busy lives. They are trying to squeeze in college courses in what limited down time that they have.

Therefore, trying to get everyone's involvement on a group project is extremely difficult to coordinate. People, who are already pressed for time are asked to put more time into a project, which will severely affect thier grade. Tensions are high, trust me.

Any of my friends will tell you that they know I do not enjoy group projects for the mere reason that there is always...ALWAYS one person in the group that will not...WILL NOT work well with others. They will disappear, or just turn in very bad work. Because the classes are offered to students at different levels of their education, shoddy work could actually mean that they sincerely didn't know exactly how to do APA formatting for thier paper. I's crazy.

Well, taking all of the intricate variables into account, being the group leader is never easy. In previous classes, there has never been an official "group leader" chosen. There has always been a very overbearing faceless personality assuming the role, which generally never works...because I feel that if you are to be the leader you should be voted in, not bullied in. My grade will not depend on someone elses power trip. No thank you.

The difference with this online class project is that it is a requirement to choose a Project Manager. You know...the guy leading the team. Therefore the person voted in will have a lot more responsibility...and the instructor had no qualms elevating the position as a Project Manager to be a prestigious role within the group.

When it comes down to's a big responsibility. The project manager will have to give out the assignments, ensure people are on task, and generally oversee the entire thing, with hopes that the team members are willing to do their part. More importantly the Project Manager is chosen by his or her fellow team members.

So...guess who is the project manager of my online group project for my Project Management class?


I'm actually excited that I was chosen. And yes, I was voted in unanimously by my team mates. Maybe it is my sparkly brown eyes.

Anyway...I am glad for the challenge, because I know that the skills I gain from this will help me in my MK business. Some day I will want a team of people to guide to their success.

I have on the fence lately and rather kicking myself for choosing the BBM program to pursue. I mean, when will I ever use it? I want to be a writer, or something CREATIVE...because CREATIVE is much more cool. However, this class in the first two weeks has opened my eyes to the value of being able to lead others towards a common goal, and doing it well. Not only that, I have realized that some of what I have learned is SINKING IN...and is APPLICABLE.

Maybe I WILL take over the world.


At 23:06, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

I'll vote for ya, Empress. Just promise me that "all my wildest dreams will come true" (Napolean Dynamite quote - couldn't resist!)


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