Monday, April 25, 2005


Abi: Mom why is it when I can't do something right I say that I am stupid?

Me: I don't know Abi...because you aren't stupid.

Abi: I mean, I know my numbers to tell time, I am getting better at math, I can write a whole story if I think about it and I can draw pictures and paint.

Me: I know, you are very talented.

Abi: I can even have a spoon stick to my nose without holding on to it...and I can touch my nose with my tongue!

Me: See! You have talents I don't fact you are much more talented than I am. I always knew you would be.

Abi: What are you talking about? You have talents.

Me: I do? What talents do I have?

Abi: Being a mom.


At 15:35, Anonymous Scott C. said...

*sniffle* Group hug!!

At 08:38, Blogger Kassi said...

well, I don't have much else going on for me right now...let me have the happiness of knowing my kids love me.

At 09:06, Anonymous Scott C. said...

I would never, ever deny you that! :)


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