Friday, April 22, 2005

Small Increments

...big distractions.

I didn't even make a dent in my Statistics homework today...however I HAVE started going through my clothes closet and began the thinning out process.

I have too many clothes that I just don't wear. It seems such a waste, but I may as well give them up to someone who will use them instead of holding on to them like some sort of idolterous clothes hording freak.

But it takes time.

Because I like my clothes...and I don't want to be inclined to buy more.

So...I decided to tackle the process in phases:

Phase 1 was a preliminary combing through the clothes to pick out what I don't wear [or like any longer] and putting it into a pile.

Phase 2 will be the same thing, except with more scrutiny.

Phase 3 [which is the final phase] will be going through and picking out clothes that I like, but I haven't worn in YEARS...

In the end I intend to only have a few outfits that suit me.

simplify simplify simplify

Why am I driven to do such a drastic overhaul of my clothes?

1. I am afraid of Statistics
2. I hate doing laundry


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