Saturday, April 23, 2005

Friday Night Snapshots


Abi decided that she wanted to use some of her birthday money to treat the entire family to Stone Cold Creamery ice cream. She and I took the boys' orders and drove there last night...on the way there this was said:

Abi: Mom I wish that people in our family had 6 fingers on each hand.

Me: Well, we would have to have special gloves made.

Abi: Yes, but then we would be able to count to twelve with our fingers.

Me: Yes...that's true.

Abi: It would be like having two pinky's...the extra one would be right here...


After dinner Caleb reinforced my theory on his one track mind. If he knows that there is dessert, he will fixate until he snaps and can't hold off any longer. I have witnesses:

Him: I want my ice cream.

Her: You just barely finished swallowing that last bite of pizza...

Him: So what! I'm a man, I need food.


After watching Finding Neverland:

Him: He should have just taken his wife with him...why didn't he take his wife with him?

Her: I don't know...I guess that is just the way it is sometimes.


Watching visually beautiful movies makes me have weird artsy dreams:

"I need some classical-style music...I want to share a dance with you that I created"

"Okay...what's it called?"

"I call it "music box" move your arms gracefully in different poses and involves a lot of spinning"

THE ALARM BLARES...Saturday morning is here...I feel dizzy.



At 15:46, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Mmm, Johny Depp... better than ice-cream, I think.

At 10:34, Anonymous Erin said...

Johnny Depp and ice cream in one day! I love it!


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