Tuesday, April 26, 2005

SMP: Memory Bracelets

Okay, Mother's Day is coming up and I am going doing my part as a mommy to remind all of you to do something special for your mom, grandmom, wife, whatever...a person who has given birth who means the most to you.

My friend Beth, whom I have known since the first grade, has a great gift idea...a memory bracelet. She gave me one as a wedding present, but they can be given for just about any occasion, and most certainly Mother's Day.

Check it out...and get in touch with her. I am sure that the special woman in your life will cherish this just as much as I do...and yes, I totally wish I had thought of this first:



At 17:29, Anonymous RichD said...

I'm surprised Scott hasn't commented on the name of the website yet!

At 17:32, Blogger Kassi said...

yes...I was kind of waiting for that too :)


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