Friday, April 15, 2005

Deja Vu-Curses-Predestination, Oh MY!

Ever since I was very little I have experienced episodes of "deja vu".

The reason this occurs is because I have dreams in which I am places I have never been, only to find myself there in real life at some point later on.

For example, when I was living in Japan, I used to have reoccurring dreams about a very old house with a widow's watch. I dreamed that it was in a neighborhood with similar such old houses, however this one was haunted...and for many nights this house haunted my dreams.

I would dream that I was riding my bike through the neighborhood trying to find my way home, but hopelessly lost. The neighborhood ended at a playground that was surrounded by a large open I would turn back and there would loom this house in front of me.

The next thing I would know, I was inside the house climbing a set of stairs to the utmost reaches of the house to a small room. All along with the sense of being accompanied by something unseen. Then the screaming and glass breaking would start.

The dream itself was disturbing, and I often wondered about this house that I dreamt about....

And then I moved back to Michigan after 8 years of being away. I was driving to my aunt's house for the first time. I had never drove there before, because before I left I was 18 and hadn't gone to my aunt's house in quite some time.

As I drove down the road I glanced to my left and there it was. The house that I had been dreaming [having nightmares] about for a few years prior to my move back "home".

Needless to say I was shocked and amazed, and a bit elated that the dream wasn't just a crazy nightmare, but that the house, widow's peak and all really exists.

**time warp**

When I was very young, I had a reoccurring dream that my mother pushed me out the door of a moving car...

At some point, I actually almost did fall out of a moving car, because I was bouncing around and the door opened. I remember looking at the back wheel as I dangled from the door holding on to the seatbelt for dear life...I obviously survived the experience.

**current day**

Three nights ago, I had another of my reoccuring dreams...the one where my teeth fall out of my head. This usually occurs in the dream right before I am suppose to do something important and public.

Well, this time there was a teeth turned to a black brittle substance and crumbled out of my head, I remember the feel of swishing my crumbled teeth around in my mouth just before spitting it was gritty.

Anyway, on Wednesday night I shared this dream with a group of friends and my husband, as we were all gathered around sharing our recent dreams.

Afterwards, I can't remember exactly what Caleb said, but it was sarcastic about how my dream was telling me I should brush my teeth more often because my teeth are going to turn black...[by the way, I brush them more than twice a day thankyouverymuch] I countered back at him ...[quite vehemently]

"No, that's what is going to happen to you"...and I pointed at him.

So tonight, Caleb was complaining that his tooth hurt...and then he left to visit with his friends and when he came home he informs me that his tooth split in half....

So...I don't know much about curses or hexes, but I think that I need to be a little more careful when I point my finger...

Seriously though...I thought about this, and the fact that I often have dreams like this that seem like little windows revealing bits and blurbs of what may come.

I wrestled with this a bit, because I don't actually believe in hocus pocus, until I came to a realization--which you can take as truth or no.

I believe that God has everything planned out for me...and for everyone as far as that is if everything is already planned, why couldn't people receive glimpses into future events?...It's already there waiting to happen.

Maybe my brain is just wired with the desire to know, or maybe when I say don't accept a wooden horse as a peace should listen.


At 08:52, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Ooohhhh!! You've hit on probably the biggest philosophical debate in the history of Humanity. Good luck working through that! :P

If there is predestination as you say (God planning everything) then we lack free will. We actually make not choices - we're just like computers following their programming from which we can't deviate. If that's true - God creates people to be good and evil, in essence creating people for the purpose of being heaven or hellbound with no actual choice of their own. Interesting. If that's the case, why?

If there is no predestination, then god is just a viewer and not a controller - he knows what will happen in the future but does not actually create the future.

Here's yet another one to bake your noodle! (I'll go at this from a religious standpoint) When you get a dream that actually comes true, is it god giving you a glimpse of the future or is it god giving you the ability to enforce your will on the future - your premonition shapes the future to be so.

If you make any progress on this one, right a book and make LOTS of money off of the philosophical community! And let me in on the secret too!! :P

At 09:03, Blogger Kassi said...

hmmmm...another post for another time. Yes, there IS predestination, AND free will...and you probably can't wrap your head around understanding it because are human, not God. :P

We know the difference between right and wrong, that's free will. We have the choice to choose God or not choose God, that's free will.

We aren't mindless automotons, that isn't what he created us for.

My noodles isn't at all baked, in is less worried, less stressed, less confused the more I realize what I am created for.

Even I, a Christian, can choose to sin or not to sin, choose to worship, or not to worship...I understand the difference in consequences.

I personally am comforted by the fact that God has it all laid out for me. I came to this point for a reason. It isn't arbitrary...if everything were chaotic and arbitrary, then nothing would matter...people wouldn't be inclined to obey laws.

It is ingrained in us as human beings to know the difference between right and wrong, even across cultural borders.

Bottom line, yes God created us, we were all created in sin...and through his plan we either accept him or not.

I think that one of the biggest mistakes is to fight it and continue trying to understand God...we aren't suppose to understand him, or his motives...he is God. That would be like an ant trying to understand calculus. Not possible.

At 13:45, Anonymous Scott C. said...

The glimpse into god's plan makes alot sense (from the Christian viewpoint). The Philosopher Scott is tuly impressed. I'm glad you wrote that down somewhere.

Be thankful you live in this century, though. A couple hundred years ago Christians used to burn women who had visions, the rationale being that the visions weren't from god but from elsewhere (Satan, demons, etc). Is there a case for their view also or were they totally off, do you think?

At 14:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 17:53, Blogger Kassi said...

...well, as it goes, God does satan and his demons. :)


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