Friday, April 01, 2005

Big Day!!

Monday is the day. Monday is the BIG DAY!

Kimi and I will be embarking on the adventure of potty training. Okay, I've tried to potty train her for the past year...but I suck.

So, I've been doing some reading and figuring out what would work best in order to accomplish this great task.

First, we have to stop yelling at her or telling her she smells horrible. I know that sound mean...but it has come to that point several times, more times than I can count, because of the sheer f.r.u.s.t.r.a.t.i.o.n. of trying to get a 2.5 year old to cooperate and just poop in the toilet.

I guess having my children close to 5 years apart each renders me useless in the department of relying on past experiences. For some reason I just can't remember it being this difficult. Maybe I was a better mom back then. Or maybe I just blocked it out of my memory. I don't know.

Or maybe that this particular brand of child is much more stubborn...I would agree with that just for the fact that she is a girl...and don't let anyone fool you...girls are HARDER to raise than boys. Caleb and I both agree..."no more girls"...[I just know God is going to have a field day with this one--so I've picked out a girl name as well...for whenever the blessed event occurs]

Well...forget all that...Monday is the day. Kimi has finally come to the point where she tells me if she has gone to the bathroom. She no longer hides and lies about it--which is good. That means she is comfortable telling me. Yay!! Of course, she WILL NOT tell Caleb. Maybe it is because he makes faces and screams like a girl when faced with having to change a poopy diaper...

So...Monday is the day! Why do I keep saying that? Because if I'm excited she will be too! And boy am I excited. doesn't take much to rile me anymore, but the prospect of my three year old pooping and peeing in the toilet is the highlight of my life right now.

Well, today I went out to Meijer [the multi-million-dollar-time draining-bank account-drying-mogul of the universe]...and invested [and I DO mean invested $$] in Kimi's potty training endeavor. So she is hooked up.

Seriously, I spent half a c-note on ensuring that my three year old's butt is happily planted on a toilet seat and not sitting in a soggy diaper.

So I brought all the equipment home and showed her the goods. I informed her that Monday is Potty Training which she seemed excited. I will leave the box closed and all the packages unwrapped until bright and early Monday morning when we will have an unveiling ceremony. Then...let the games begin.

Apparently, I am suppose to feed her lots of juice and fruit to help get her used to "going" on the potty chair. I am already NOT looking forward to cleaning up an accident in the completly unabsorbant panties that I had to purchase so that she could "feel" the wetness.

Okay, yes I'm being a bit more graphic than I intended...but if I have to go through this SO DO YOU!! That's the price of reading this far down on the page.

I am honestly looking forward to Monday. It will be a day to remember. I was going to start today, but well...I thought it might be a bad omen to start her potty training on April Fool's Day...and I need all the good vibes I can get.

**on a side note, I am currently putting together my grandma's scrapbook and hosting two birthday parties this weekend...nevermind that I still haven't finished my homework. Did I mention my sinus headache? And the fact that I just want to lay down and sleep? No...I see okay, go back to your own life...thank goodness I still have some Reeses peanut butter eggs left from that awesome Easter basket...


At 15:01, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Here's some advice for you. Belive it or not, I actually remember being potty trained. Sometimes my childhood memories are TOO vivid.


My Mom's trick was that she got me one of those little plastic fishing sets where you can actually hook the plastic fish and put them in a bucket. (It's probably done with magnets these days) The hitch was that I could only play this highly amusing game WHILE I was on the potty. So potty time became a time when I could have some fun and not see Mom upset with an accident, so through this positive reinforcement I'm here to tell you that today I'm nearly 100%! :P

At 15:17, Blogger Kassi said...

You are right, positive reinforcement...and preoccupation. I have a book for her titled "Potty Time" complete with flushing sounds.

Next you have a fishing pole in your bathroom?

At 16:33, Anonymous Scott C. said...


At 21:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh..potty training. I would seriously consider potty training days before having another child. Sleepless nights? ok, Sore, hard, tender, cracked nipples? No problem. Lugging 10 tons of stuff everywhere you go? not so bad. Potty training? SCREAM! NO!

My first was so easy. I was spoiled. He was early at everything, and one day took off his diaper (18mo.) and said he was done. He wanted the big boy potty cuz hes a big boy.

I thought...not so bad, why do people complain? hahahahaha. I had number 2. What a joke. He was 3 and still had accidents. Refused to poop in the potty. REFUSED! would not. I think you get the point. He still will hold it until the VERY. LAST. SECOND. And he's 6!

Good Luck, and many prayers out for you!


At 23:09, Blogger Kassi said...

Yes, I totally agree with you lawbrat. My first two children were easy [what I remember of it]...this one is throwing me for a loop. She has learned early on that SHE CONTROLS THE POOP...I can only imagine what she will be like as an independant woman.


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