Sunday, March 27, 2005

Entering the Mission Field

My family and I recently made a change in where we go to church. Not because we didn't like our first church, but because of travel time, and lack of children's programs, we thought it would be best to make a change. It was a hard decision, especially since my husband grew up in the church that we had been attending, and that is where we were married. Needless to say it was a huge decision.

We took baby steps, going to the new church one week, and our "old" church the next. And while we would have probably done this for quite some time, it was our children that made the final decision. It was their enthusiasm for going to this new church that drove it home for us.

They now are able to go to a church that has many children attending, including some from their own school. They look forward to their Sunday school class, and have a desire to learn about God. I see a little fire in their eyes, a spark that wasn't there before.

Granted this new church is a lot different than the one we had been attending, A LOT different. It is much more contemporary. The music is something like you would hear on a contemporary Christian radio station. There is clapping, and swaying to the music. People are HAPPY and unashamed to show it.

It is unlike any other church that I have ever been to in my life...and while the differences take some adjusting to get used to...I appreciate those differences very much. It shows me that there can be joyous celebration for God that is still respectable...

Today, we had wondered if we should go back to our original church for the Easter sermon. However, we went to the new church...and I certainly was not disappointed with the message..."commit your lives to Christ"'s not an easy task by any means...but definitely a worthy cause.

I strive for it day by day. Though I am not perfect, and my old tendancies emerge...I have the knowledge and the desire to not fall back into those traps.

As we were leaving Caleb noticed the sign at the driveway exit:

"Entering the Mission Field"...

I felt happy to be a part of that creed, and I look forward to the day when it is no longer referred to as "the new church", but "our church".

He is risen

He is risen indeed


At 23:26, Anonymous Scott C. said...

What does "Entering the mission field" mean?

At 23:34, Anonymous Scott C. said...

What does "Entering the mission field" mean?

At 11:34, Blogger Kassi said...

Part of being a Christian is the responsibility of telling others about Christ. Therefore, all Christians are considered missionaries. Once you leave church, renewed, you are "back in the field", and obligated to inform others. Not so much a Jehovah's witness thing, but definitely a sharing by example in how you live your life, your you treat others, and how you handle their treatment of you.

At 12:33, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Phew! Thought maybe you were alluding to leaving for deepest Kenya or something like that to convert people.

At 01:23, Blogger ducklet said...

my wife is orthodox, so that's the church i go to (once a year, on easter, which isn't for three more weeks for the orthodox)

a inviat
adeverat a inviat

this is how the romanians say 'he is risen; he is risen, indeed'

but when i was catholic, i don't remember this particular phrase. i guess i would have turned out better had i paid more attention in church ;)


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