Monday, March 28, 2005

Another Path

Okay, so I have been writing a lot about Jesus, and God and my faith for the past few days. And I am sure that a few people get kind of ooky feeling when the subject of faith is brought up.

Believe me, I understand where you are. I was there once. I used to get really offended when someone brought up the subject of infringed on my comfort zone big time.

Like I said, I am a new Christian...and I am not a liar. So, in all honesty...if you are reading this blog and you have all of a sudden been turned off by my frank expressions of faith...I understand more than you know.

I have found it interesting that I've been writing more about Jesus, and I don't want to seem a hypocrite, or a holiday writer/worshipper [being that most of my religious writing has revolved around the past Easter holiday] I've decided to start yet another blog. Yes, the madness doesn't end here...

I've added a link to personal journey...where it will log my progression through the book The Purpose Driven Life.I'm sure just about everyone has heard of it by now.

Caleb's grandma gave it to him a while back, and I have been wanting to read it. I haven't any real excuse to not read it, and like I said, with all of these thoughts of faith running around in my head...and the fact that our pastor talked about the book in yesterday's sermon...I figured now is as good a time as ever.

If any of you are interested in checking out personal journey feel will just be a blog about the book at and perhaps more on my faith if it turns to that.

Why keep it separate from Pink Dot? Because I have an experiment in mind.

I want to see if my writing changes, or is influenced by what I read...I want to mark any changes in myself for having read the book. And I also want to have a pure journal of my reading...without the interjections of my crazy brain.


At 12:54, Anonymous Scott C. said...

If that makes you feel comfortable, that's cool. Just remember that this is YOUR blog - it may be for others to read, but in the end it's all about Kassi. It's FOR you.

I'll definitely be checking out both. Whenever religion is brought up, it's in my nature to challenge. Not in a way that I'm saying you shouldn't believe what you belive, but more an "always question" type of prodding. Even those of a Christian bent need to take a look at themselves and what they believe in, reexamining their point of view every so often to reinforce their beliefs and better understand and serve God.

At least that's my opinion. See that prodding?

Anyway, that can be taken as offensive, so please forgive if I've ever given off that vibe.

Looking forward to your thought son the book and your non-directly-religious posts as well. In my blog they're all in one.

At 09:51, Blogger Kassi said...

...the examination part is the very reason I am keeping them separate. The blogs are for two completely different purposes. Like I said, I want to see how my writing changes, if it changes--with the growth of my faith. Eventually, they will be one blog, but not right now.


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