Thursday, March 24, 2005

You Can Never Live Too Far Inland.

I just got done watching Open Water for the first and last time.

I can't believe that I actually finished watching the movie. I don't know why I do this to myself.

I watched in abject horror as two people went through the slow process of death by consumption [and no not the friendly pulmonary tuberculosis variety ]. Slow because apparently sharks like to play with their food.

Caleb and I have both made a solemn oath that if we ever do decide to vacation in the tropics...we will NOT be scuba diving, and leaving our lives in the hands of people who are unable to do a proper head count. one will ever convince me that sharks and people should swim together...we just do not mix well--hence the metal cages. Of course, I would have to say that anything that has BLACK EYES is evil. But that is just me.

Yes...this is me...the one who is afraid. to. swim. in. the. swimming. pool. because. there. may. be. a. shark....watching yet another terrible documentation to reinforce my fears. Oh...and thank you I didn't really need to have a visual of what it might be like to "happen upon" shark infested waters...

Why why why?

Because now I have a it worse to be eaten by one big shark or many smaller ones?


At 08:03, Blogger Fin said...

The golden chicken has black eyes.

At 08:58, Blogger Kassi said...

OH my gosh!! you are right!!!


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