Thursday, March 31, 2005

Whatever happened to...

Scary movies that made sense. Like, The Shining. [which is my personal favorite] I dig The Shining because it was multi-level horror. And since I read the book, I was pleased to have the filling part of the doughnut to amplify what I was watching.

Many people are disappointed by movies made from novels, I prefer to see it as having an inside scoop..and the movie being the sprinkles on top.


Last night Caleb and I watched The Grudge, and I also will be receiving the Japanese version Ju-on soon to compare.

I didn't like the movie at all. I mean, sure I was frightened. And much of it was pretty disturbing. [I wasn't at ALL happy with the tongue scene]

But why can't they just make one scary movie where there isn't a..."yes, and..." the end?

I guess I am a staunch supporter of resolution. For the same reasons that I don't like "The Ring"...I am not pleased with "The Grudge". Of course the majority of scary movies are cliffhangers...but I hate cliffhanger endings.

The movie left me with one question in my head at the very end..."What the..."?

[see I can do open endings too]


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