Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Any Last Remarks?

Here are some that have been said today....

Aunt Lynda: She's looks like a little hellian [referring to Kimi]

Caleb: Oh you think so? I think she looks just like Kassi

Aunt Lynda: Exactly

Aunt Lynda: I had a big GMC Blazer and the kids would sit all the way in the back, and when they started acting up I told them that if they didn't stop I would smack them. And so they would start up and sure enough I could reach them...

Kassi: I remember that...you could reach us...you had arms that would extend...[in awe]

Chad: [whispers] Yeah, once I think I heard her say "go go gadget arms"...seriously!

Caleb: You should tell Scott to buy a kilt for the Highland games [sincere]

Scott C.: Yeah...I can get a Utilikilt..[with sarcasm]

Kassi: I'm writing a new song titled "Men in Skirts"

Caleb: Kassi do we have any mozarella cheese?

Kassi: Yes, there is a block of it in the fridge

A few minutes later....
Caleb: Kassi, I don't think I should eat this cheese.

Kassi: Why not?

Caleb: Because there are things growing on it

After inspecting....
Kassi: Oh yeah, there ARE things growing on it...right out of the dog hair that is in the cheese....

Kassi: Zac if I weren't proud of you I wouldn't tell everyone about your good grades, I want everyone to know you have good brains.

Zac: My brains aren't good they are kind of pudding-like and mushy

Kassi: Your brains aren't pudding

Zac: Yes they are, they are chocolate pudding...

Kassi: Really?!!

Kimi gets very excited at the mere mention of my cousin Chad. Today we saw him and of course, Princess Kimi took center stage...YELLING his name over and over. As though he should save her from her wicked parents.

Kimi: That's my Chad [telling everyone matter of factly]

Kassi: How does it feel to be owned by a three year old?

Chad: eh...[shrugs shoulders]

Caleb: Welcome to my world.

Caleb: No really, you should get a Utilikilt and wear it the the Highland games...[sincere]

Scott: How about I wait until I get there and you can help me pick it out? [with sarcasm]

Caleb: Okay, but I am not sure if they have them there...[sincere again]

Kassi: I'll lend each of you one of my handbags it will be cute.

Caleb: Woman do as I say! [quoting Rob Roy]

Scott: [laughter]

Kassi: Hey I'm not the ones planning a shopping spree...

And last but not least, my favorite of the day:

Scott C.: By the way, I've been clicking on your google ads.

Kassi: Thank you for clicking on my googles...

Scott C.: Okay, don't say that any more...

Kassi: Why not? I'm getting half a penny for each click!


At 09:10, Blogger Fin said...

I just clicked you my 2cents!

Te he he


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