Thursday, February 24, 2005

Death by Chocolate

Ok, here it is...the truth...the honest to goodness truth...and I just have to face it.

I have gained weight over this winter. I'm not sure how much, I am actually afraid to look. My jeans are definitely getting tighter though...and that alarms me. Soon enough I will have to go to the store to get a larger size to accomodate my thighs.

So, I have to face the fact that I have little or no willpower when it comes to certain things. So I need to identify my weaknesses...[just like identifying what pushes my buttons]...

1. Coca Cola: this is a big one simply because I love to drink Coke with everything. It is the perfect compliment to just about every meal.

2. Chocolate: In any form.

3. Coffee: I like it with lots of cream and basically a dessert.

So we will call these the three C's from here on out.

So...I have to stop and start being healthy again. I just don't know if I can do it. Every time that I say this...I last for about 4 months and then kapow I am back to the three C's.

In fact, right now...there is a 1/4 of a cake sitting on my countertop...tempting me. And there is almost a 1/2 container of chocolate icing in my fridge [leftover from making the cake]...there are also brownies in my fridge. And there is a 1/4 of a 2 litre of Coke in my fridge, that I scoped out from last nights get together.

I am starting to actually plot my next score!

How did I sink to this level? My teeth are starting to look rounded, I am sure of it. Next thing I know Caleb will accidentally call me "Mrs. Hix". Life is not fair. Why is it that all the good things make my butt bigger?

I keep on pumping myself up to go exercise, but I am trapped in my nice warm townhouse with chocolate and Coke. In fact, the only thing I might possibly leave the house for is to go to Starbucks. Isn't that sad? Maybe it is a good thing that I don't have a coffee maker.

Nothing good can come of this...yet water and lettuce sound so unappealing. I did eat a grapefruit for breakfast though. But the cake was staring at me the whole time that I was cutting that grapefruit in half.

Maybe if I stay out of the kitchen all day...I can hide here in my little office...with the door shut...

Friends, if you find my body huddled in a corner of my office...look for the chocoate foot was the cake that got me...I swear.


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