Thursday, January 05, 2006

Zombie Montage

2 a.m.

Wake up from dreaming about a date night with my husband that includes a swank restaurant, strange hor 'dourves, and a dance sequence featuring Michael Jackson's "Thriller". I couldn't get the dance steps down right...and none of my friends would get up there with me. Chumps.

4 a.m.

Wake up from dreaming about being a wife to a man in an influential family whose sons are all plotting to kill their father (who is actually a pretty decent guy). After an inaugerational ceremony on the pier, with lots of food and champagne; an explosion sends me flying into the ocean off the pier. As I sink below the surface I learn that there is an underwater zombie society.

7 a.m.

Wake up from dreaming about shopping for interesting food items at Trader Joe's (my current favorite food store), where shoppers are standing in abnormally long lines in zombie-like trances. I purchase my items, and Kimi slips away from me out the door into the parking lot...the cars are moving too fast to see her...

7:15 a.m.

I decide I will no longer snack on Pringles and French onion dip while watching zombie movies before going to bed.


At 00:06, Blogger bella said...

I was thinking you must have eaten something late that gave you weird dreams. LOL.


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