Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Good for Something

Last night I found out that my noisey, smokey neighbors kick out a really strong wireless internet connection which saves me from having to buy a wireless router of my own.

Go figure.

Update: After doing some research, and a friendly tip from Scott...I will be purchasing my own router tomorrow. I'm not going to bank on my neighbors stupidity...no matter how many times I have asked them to turn down their stereo.


At 20:44, Blogger Chris said...

That is just too perfect. How lucky is that?? lol.

At 08:49, Blogger Fin said...

your lungs or your internet?

At 10:56, Blogger Kassi said...

there's a difference?

At 20:35, Blogger scott said...

You may know this, but using their wireless is not without risks. The fact that you can use it means it's unencrypted. If they have any skill, they could intercept anything you do. Some people set up strong, unencrypted wireless connections for that purpose. Most likely they're really stupid and they couldn't intercept anything even if they wanted to. The possibility does exist, however.

Just FYI.

Hello, Kassi.

At 00:09, Blogger Kassi said...

hmmm...I'd bet that they are not the intelligent type...however, I'm always one for caution. I'll still be setting up my own connection this weekend.

At 03:23, Anonymous irene said...

well, it is STILL GREAT that you have been able to have free internet connection.


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