Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Well, the plague has passed. Caleb is back to work today...the kids are their normal selves, and I have enough spark in me to look around and realize that my house is a total disaster and I should DO something about it.

I don't let the place get in this condition very often, and I suppose extreme illness counts as an excuse.

On the upside, I have 3 of Santa's little helpers here to lend a hand. This of course will not bode well with my children who are taking full advantage of the word "vacation". Unfortunately for them, they have a mother who is able to unscramble the word "vacation" and create the words "spring cleaning".

So...I'm off to wake them up and break the good news. Wish me luck.


At 14:35, Blogger scott said...

That's a terrible way to wake up. Instead, lie and tell them you're all going to do something really great. Then they'll get to wake up happy.

Then, when they're clean and dressed and excited, lower the boom. If possible, post pictures of their heart-broken facial expressions.

Hello, Kassi.

At 18:30, Blogger Katrina said...

My mom used to do "Cleaning Blitzes", where she'd yell out "Blitz!" and we'd all run around spastically picking up and cleaning for the duration of a song on the radio. It didn't make the cleaning any more fun, but we knew if we put the effort in, we'd be done when the song was over.

You know, if you play the live version of Stairway to Heaven, you could actually get a lot done...

p.s. Logged my first Idaho cache today--my two year old loved looking for treasure. :)


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