Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Here We Go

In approximately 5 hours I will find myself as a passenger in the mini-van bound for MD. It's that time of year...where we have decided (at the very last minute) to make the 8 hour trek to visit my husbands mothers side of the family. (And by very last minute I mean we remained undecided until about 3 hours ago)

We got home tonight at about 9:30, after having spent some quality time with my dear grandma and then mall shopping for my laptop computer, which I am not able to use yet by the way--but it is frikkin sweet regardless.

Anyway... 9:30 is way to late to BEGIN post Christmas cleaning, laundry, and packing. I don't care how what you say.

So now, here I am at 2:20, waiting to put that last load of laundry in the dryer...because yes folks...I won't leave on a trip without my house being clean. Sorry, I AM that lame.

Now if I can only survive the packing of the mini-van. (My husband is the sort who was probably never good at Tetris--I however, am a champ)

P.S. I am totally freaked out that I bought an Apple computer and not a Dell. I am not sure how to navigate the Apple...and I started to have a panic attack earlier. But that is typical of me when confronted with something alien. I wish I could pinpoint the moment in time that I became such a fraidy cat and then go back and skip over that part.


At 04:06, Blogger Chris said...

Have fun and be careful on the drive. (And I'm the same way about leaving my house clean!)

At 10:19, Blogger anne said...

You will love your Apple...once you get used to it, you will wonder how you got by without it! :)
And my husband has finally accepted that I too have to have the house spotless before leaving. Even for just one night. He has gotten good at tidying with me without my even asking! What a stud!

At 10:30, Blogger bella said...

Have fun on your trip! I have to leave my house clean before a trip so, I know what you mean.

At 11:15, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

A new lap-top - is there a better present? You've crossed over to the dark side - my sister and father have Apples and scorn everyone else (read: me) who have PCs. Now you get to be in the exclusive Apple-snob group - will you still visit my blog every once in a while, though you know it is written on a lowly HP?

Have a safe trip.

At 16:26, Anonymous irene said...

oh, have a great great trip. I cannot leave my house until it is cleaned and ordered, even to go to church, so I totally know what you mean.

ps: I'm a Tetris champ too!


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