Monday, October 17, 2005

Steam Rolled

I know that I have been going on about this stupid job at ProQuest like a babbling baby, but I just feel steam rolled.

They had no intention of hiring me as a permanent employee. I went into the situation with the intentions of staying, because that is the line that they fed me.

I was not referred by an agency. I am not familiar with temporary jobs. All I know is that for me to commit to an employer takes a lot of effort on mine and my family's parts.

Arranging daycare alone is a feat in itself emotionally, nevermind coming up with the extra income to cover daycare costs that weren't there before. Plus pay for gas, and food expenditures in order to work in the office.

It's not a fly by the seat of your pants situation for a woman with three young children. Something that I made abundantly clear to them before they offered the job.

They didn't care.

Now, I will not receive my last paycheck for another 2 weeks. Nevermind that my first paycheck just barely covered the daycare expenses that we had to pay for in order for me to work in the first place.

This endeavor was suppose to help me cover some of my personal debts so that I didn't have to take out of the family finances...all it has done is upset my life and drain me of time, money, energy, and esteem.

I've been abused by employers before. Many times. And probably much worse than this. Regardless of the circumstances it depletes me emotionally.

I guess I am disappointed that I let myself be bent over a desk and taken advantage of in one way or another for the sake of a faceless organization that could care less if I lived or died. I'm tired of being treated as replaceable.

The thing that gets me is that they didn't give it a second thought that I would have to wait a couple of extra weeks for my check. They didn't bother to call and inform me. I was not given a second thought.

My feeling is that if they want to hire temps, go through an agency. The people that work temp jobs understand the beauracracy. Don't take advantage of a mom with three kids who is trying to re enter the workforce. Because that just sucks.


At 13:47, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

I;m so sorry, Kassi.

I agree, and I will shout it to the rooftops with with you: "Proquest S-U-C-K-S!!!"

(*tongue stuck WAY the heck out*)

They just don't know what they're missing, do they?

At 01:28, Blogger desertUndine said...

That does suck. It's horrible that they could do that to you.



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