Friday, October 14, 2005

Cleaned Out My Closet


At 13:25, Blogger scott said...

That makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: humcfu (that's me tryin to cuss whoever put me in a trashcan but having trouble because my knee is in my mouth)

At 13:39, Blogger Kelly said...

Good grief; I miss a couple days and now I'm so behind. YOU have a wacky brain, and I'm forced to love you. I absolutely want you to make a cat cape. xo

At 14:36, Blogger lawyerchik said...

Um, if you're in a cleaning mood, are you available for housecalls??? (My basement could TOTALLY use someone's willingness to pitch!!) :) JUST KIDDING!! :) Have a great weekend!

At 14:36, Blogger lawyerchik said...

Sorry - I TOTALLY missed the hands and feet sticking out of the top!! VERY cute!! :)

At 22:46, Blogger diggincookin said...

Here's hoping that soul didn't come out of the closet only to go right into some trash can! Although, I have known a few folks that have done just that.

At 00:51, Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Particularily creepy around Halloween. Can you help me clean out my upstairs neighbours?

At 01:02, Blogger Kassi said...

Scott: "humcfu" now that I think of it, I think that is what my trash can was saying to me.

Kelly: The cat will have a cape. I'll post photos.

LC: You don't want me to clean your place. I am rather unforgiving and will throw anything and everything away. I'm like the guy on Clean Sweep.

Dig: you are awesome!

Von: I might "know someone" who would be able to clean out your upstairs neighbors...but we would have to talk about that elsewhere.

At 21:45, Blogger bella said...

LOL priceless pic.


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