Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Down on the Farm

Last Saturday we went to the cider mill. It was a lot of fun, but they had some really weird looking animals on display.

Me, Snoog, and Abby on the tractor ride.
And yes, I did skin Oscar the Grouch.


At 11:06, Blogger scott said...

Looks like another mad cow outbreak. Be careful.

Hello, Kassi.

secret word: mimizawd (It's a toddler peeking through a pig face at mother's request trying to say "mommy's odd")

At 12:16, Blogger diggincookin said...

Yikes, Caleb is the image of his dad.

New post today, you might want to show it to him. Caleb, I mean.

At 12:45, Blogger bella said...

Very cute pics!

At 15:43, Anonymous irene said...

adorable pictures.


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