Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Apollo's Curse

I have just experienced another one of my precognitive dreams.

*Insert dream sequence music here*

Caleb and I were in the market for a house...we were checking out Victorian style homes on our favorite island. The search wasn't going very well though...they were either too expensive, or too run down.

But I was offered a job at a really nice place. I was going to be doing a lot of writing and organizing. It was a position working with a high level executive, with the definite possibility of taking on a management level job later on.

So, I had to find daycare. Fortunately, I found a really cool place that had a children's village...meaning you walk into one of the daycare rooms and it is essentially a village in miniature, just the right size for snoogs.

Okay that was my dream.

Now for reality.

A month ago Caleb and I began a house hunting endeavor. We went to check out a mortage company, and had a consultation on what we could afford. We have been looking at houses in that price range and they are not what we really want...either too small or too much in need of 'fixing up'. I had looked for Victorian style homes and they are way out of our price range.

I was offered a job working for a high level executive at a nice company. We have already discussed the possibility of advancement within a year or two.

And the kicker...

In my pursuit to find a good daycare for my daughter, I interviewed with a place yesterday...a place I had no intention of visiting at first because I didn't like the name. But gave it a shot anyway. During the tour, the director showed me to a play room that they have set up when the weather is bad...and it is arranged like a child sized village...just like in my dream.

I'm telling you, I creep myself out sometimes...but I think that I have settled on a daycare.


At 22:16, Blogger Ellen said...

No, I believe you. I don't have prophetic dreams, but I had a friend who did. She told me some pretty wild stories.

I think that I have the gift of being able to feel spiritual oppression in places, though. Sometimes, I go into a place and it's just HEAVY.

At 22:19, Blogger Kassi said...

Wow...that's cool. I also have episodes where I feel more in "tune" with there are vibrations in the air when something is just "not right". I attribute that to an overactive imagination, but my dreams, I can't discount them any longer.

At 08:49, Blogger scott said...

I have the ability to move large objects with just my mind. I can also walk through walls.


At 15:29, Blogger Kassi said...

Scott- you ROCK. I want to be you so bad!


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