Thursday, September 01, 2005


Today has been nonstop so far. By 2:50 I was in dire need of a nap. Then it hit 3 year old doesn't nap.

She stopped napping a year ago..when I decided to be a stay at home mom.

So, for the past year [almost] she has been getting up at 8:00 and going non stop until 10:00 at night. You do not understand what that means for me....

So, that explains my grey hair, and my need to consume large amounts of caffeine. I get it now.

You can't imagine the amounts of energy that it requires to entertain a three year old all day long. So I'll not bore you. Suffice it to say that after today's realization, I am looking forward to placing her in the capable hands of people who are paid to structure and guide her day constructively as well as provide her fun in a warm loving environment. And deal with the fact that she won't take a nap.

I'll be sitting at my desk taking a vacation.


At 18:00, Blogger scott said...

I'd rather work than watch children any day. I'm right there with you, sister.

At 09:16, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

If my child stayed up that much, I think I would be looking for a job...

At 11:38, Anonymous lawbrat said...

I still have my 7 year old take a nap. He usually needs one, not every day but often. Let me tell you, I need it more than he does!
I wish for your 3 year old to nap.
My oldest was done with naps by then too, I have felt your pain.


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