Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The kids will be coming home in two weeks. Not nearly soon enough according to my heart.

Last night I received an unexpected call from my son. He is doing well, and just wanted to tell me that he had fun on the boardwalk, his guitar lessons are going well, and that he hopes we get a new computer so that he can play this really cool game.

I didn't let myself give it much thought last night, the call that is, I was just happy to hear from him.

Today though, as my sleep groggy mind is adjusting to being awake, I am feeling the melancholy of missing my children.


At 10:48, Anonymous Nathan Logan said...

The new template looks nice. Not as much pink as before, but still fun.


Hold strong in waiting for those kiddos. Maybe God has given you this extra time to get closer to Him.

God bless, and take care this morning.

At 13:40, Blogger Kassi said...

Thanks :) I like the new look. I all of a sudden feel 'grown up'.
I know that I should enjoy this time, or at least find peace with it. I will definitely need to get some more sleep while I have the chance...


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