Monday, August 01, 2005

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

This past weekend was pretty busy. I started out on Friday feeling defeated. But after a bike ride with my daughter, I started to feel much much better, and so did she. Especially after riding through a couple of sprinklers.

By late afternoon, I had shaken off the blues, and was able to dive into a very eventful evening of storytelling Red Creek. 6 hours later we were already into Black Saturday.

Nothing good happened on Saturday that I can recall, so we can go ahead and fast forward to Sunday.

Sunday as turned out to be the better of the two days of our weekends this summer. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is because we are on our better behavior being that it is the Lord's day.

We didn't start out so great, we overslept making us too late to attend church. However, we decided to go to "after church breakfast" anyway. Caleb discovered the cutest little waffle house very near to where we live, so we decided to try it out. It was great. Inexpensive, and very very good food. We'll be going back again.

Afterwards we decided to visit Northville. There are just a bunch of the most interesting homes in Northville. Caleb and I are suckers for old Victorian style homes. We spent a good amount of time tooling around the historic section, taking photos for Red Creek resource and relaxing. We were also able to visit a little store, that is unfortunately closing down. They caught my eye because of the dollhouses in the window. Someday I will have a dollhouse. Or at least, at this point the girls and I will share a dollhouse. They fascinate me.

Afterwards we came home and I took a nap while Caleb played a video game and Kimi went upstairs to watch Mulan. We all had our own worlds in which to escape.

Later on we went to see some friends and partake of grilled meat. The BBQ was great, and Kimi didn't drive us too crazy. Except that I was a slight bit worried when she locked herself in the bathroom, and we couldn't unlock it from the outside--not even using the hanger trick.

However, there was enough food to keep her busy so that we could have conversation and play Apples to Apples. I swear the three year old is a monkey. Thankfully our friends were gracious [and patient] enough to give her as many bananas as she could request.

Oh, and this weekend was also met with a book found [My son's copy of Eragon], a book borrowed [One L], and a book received [The Secret Life of Bees].

So here we are at Monday again and here is my To-Do list:

1. wash dishes
2. laundry
3. vacuum floors
4. wash windows
5. clean downstairs bathroom
6. straighten up office
7. deliver clothes bags to Salvation Army
8. walk the dog
9. read chapters 13,14,15,16 Small Business Management
10. post responses to discussion board
11. start business plan assignment


At 08:51, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

You are in for a treat - The Secret Life of Bees is an incredible book - one of my recent faves. Though your day plan didn't seem to leave any room for FUN reading... :)

At 09:26, Blogger Kassi said...

I know I know...the books are there to taunt me. Also, I was *this* close to purchasing Stephen King's "On Writing" this weekend.

At 10:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kimi is never annoying. She is just three. It was a pleasure to have both her and her parents over.


At 10:25, Blogger Kassi said...

We had fun too! I was glad for the Kimi-centric activities as well :)


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