Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ferocious Kitty

The kitten has worked her way into my heart so well, that I am amazed to think that I didn't know her until Sunday night. Of course, it's the baby-cat buddah belly that won me over.

She is a pouncer and takes her pouncing seriously. I am preparing myself to spend more money on panty hose because we don't intend to declaw her.

She is a lap cat in training. At first she didn't sit on us or near us when she slept. But we've extended the invitation, so that is where she likes to be when she snoozes.

She snoozes a lot.

The first night was quiet, she laid on my shirt in the bathroom, doors shut. With her kitty box and water nearby. Not a peep. However, since aforementioned invitation has been extended...last night she peeped until I caved in and let her cuddle on the bed. [Note: Rule #1 horribly broken] I know that there is no going back now...
unless of course she keeps me up all night again by pouncing on me.

She stretches [and lounges] as though she were a tiger.

Therefore, I have decided to keep her out of the loop that she is not a Ferocious Tiger. I think that being a cat she can afford to live the fantasy. Besides, why mess with the esteem of a creature that weighs in at less than a pound?


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