Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pixie Dust Memoirs

I met Caleb in 1999. We were auditioning for the MRF. My cousin, Chad introduced us. We were trying out for the parts of Oberon and Titania.

We became friends over the summer of 1999. We weren't awarded the roles of Oberon and Titania, but the MRF offered us parts in a troupe of Mummers. He was the bagpiper, and I played the part of a wayward fairy. We decided that our character's would be travelling companions. So was conceived Liam and Chrysalis.

We did not [nor did our characters] have any romantic involvement that summer, we were both seeing other people at the time, and because that was the first [though maybe not the last] time that I worked at the MRF, Liam and Chrysalis were no more.

My husband however, has consistently worked at the MRF since that summer. First as a Mummer, then as part of the Royal Court, and now as an independent entertainer playing bagpipe tunes in the fairways and running Pub Sing at the end of the day.

This is where he was at in the stages of his MRF career when we first started dating.

We began dating in July of 2002, and it was a slow process. Which was perfect because after leaving a very bad relationship, I needed time...and so did my children. A number of life realities kept us from seeing each other too much, and going too fast.

At any rate, every year Caleb still works at the MRF. Though, this year he will come home every night from the festival instead of crashing at a friends house who may be a closer commute.

Every season he tells me that he wishes I would come with him. I want to, but I hesitate and then it is too late. Auditions are done, the season is set...

He woke me up this morning to say good-bye before he left. He was dressed in his Renaissance gear, which included a kilt, a muslin shirt, sporran, and a wide belt with a change pouch, and small wooden drinking bowl. He looked the part of a hearty, well-traveled Highland Bagpiper, and my heart skipped a beat.

Something about my husband in a kilt makes me feel butterflied inside. As though, he could take my hand and lead me off to the beautiful rolling hills of Scotland...and when he looked at me this morning, I knew that he didn't see my bed head and jammies...but rather me dressed in a flowing gown of emerald green, with my hair a mess of curls and wild flowers, and maybe a pair of sun-kissed shimmering wings.

I will see my Caleb [Liam] tonight...but the feeling that I have this morning, is reminiscent of a much loved traveling companion going very far away for a very long time, without me.

It is at these moments that I very much wish I could find my pixie dust.


At 16:57, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Oh, that is so neat - I love those fairs! My daughter's favorites were always the troupe of belly-dancers... go figure! The first time we went to one, she was two and "King Henry V" was strolling around and noticed her. He gave her a plastic gold ring and declared to all around that when she grew up, she would be someday be his bride. Knowing his past with women and how all his wives ended up, I beat him to death with a haunch of roasted pork... (okay, that last bit about pork is a lie. But the rest is true).

I agree with your hubby - make it a point THIS YEAR to write down when auditions are and go, girl, go! We all need a little magic in our lives, don't we? Then, of course, you will be required to post your pics for us...

And as far as the kilt goes - heck, it sure didn't hurt Mel Gibson none - YUM!!

At 09:16, Blogger Kassi said...

Yes, my husband called from the fair to tell me that he missed me, and me [while weepy eyed like a child] told him that I want to do the fair again next year. So, that's what I'm gonna do. I guess I felt that I was getting too old to partake...I need to get over that really quick.


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