Friday, August 12, 2005

Breastfeeding Directive in AZ

If you have read this...

Please read new developments here.

[compliments of eternal mommy]

It is my humble opinion that Americans [in general] are too queasy about topics like this. I marvel over the irony that public breastfeeding is offensive to people, however we have Hooters restaurants all over the place. Not to mention, breastfeeding shows no more breast than the Victoria's Secret's ads. Funny how if viewed in that light, the breast is perfectly acceptable. But if shown in this light, it's offensive.

Most of the nursing mothers I know make endeavors to be modest. But, sometimes that isn't possible. I would think that in Arizona, when the temperature gets high enough, you would have to worry about putting the baby under a blanket in order to stay covered.

I don't know all of the details [obviously] but I do think that it is extremely disheartening to cite someone for breastfeeding thier baby in public. I'm curious as to what the La Leche League would say about this.

The best solution would be that all of America accept that it is a natural, and healthy process, and make accomodations for breastfeeding mothers instead of requiring them to remand themselves at home, or in their car, or in public restrooms in order to feed their babies.

This site has has a lot of wonderful stories of women overcoming the stigma of public breastfeeding...and receiving a lot of support doing so.


At 12:01, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Those crazy men in AZ need to be bitch-slapped a little. Why does milk come out of breasts when babies are born, if not to be fed to said babies? It is so ridiculous - I would urge every nursing mother who gets a sideways glance or muttered word to pull their babies off their teats and hold them out to the offended party, and ask the sour pusses to explain to the baby why the baby should be denied sustance, just because they are uncomfortable with it. HELLO - look somewhere ELSE if the boob is such a horrid thing to see - no-one requires you to LOOK!


At 13:44, Blogger Kassi said...

This topic has been flying around our house a lot lately, for different reasons. Today my husband declared the if we have any more children, I can breastfeed them whereever I want to, he's behind me 100%. I thought that was sweet.

At 14:58, Blogger Carbon said...

My husband is 100% supportive about breastfeeding where ever too. It's so sad our society is so biased (want boobies everywhere except when there is a baby involved). He posed a interesting thought. So what do women in Europe do if they are on the topless beaches with their babies? Do they cover up to feed? he he he? I have no idea? I told him they likely not on the beach to start with cuz their tired! funny.

At 15:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 17:08, Blogger Kassi said...

I think that comment that they'd be too tired is too true!


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