Thursday, August 11, 2005

100 Wonderful things I know about my Honey Bear: )

100+ things about me, written by my husband!

1.You Love Chocolate, In all its forms.
2.Milk Chocolate is your Favorite
3.You make THE best Hot Chocolate
4.You are wonderful to cuddle with
5.You are the best cuddley human being in the WORLD
6.When I am with you and you are in my arms all the worries of the world fall away.
7.You are the greatest kisser of all time
8.Your favorite color is pink
9.Anything that is pink you will collect it and HAVE IT!
10.You can cook ANYTHING and make it taste good
11.You can even make romen noodles into a delicacy
12.You enjoy cooking knew things
13.You wish you could go back and live in Hawaii ( I don’t blame you )
14.Your creative talent ranks with the masters
15.You could write many New York Times best Sellers
16.You stick to your guns
17.No one messes with you or your kids!
18.You are sweet and feminine but Hot and sassy!
19.You could be a movie star.
20.You don’t like things dirty
21.You are obsessed with keeping things clean!
22.You despise “white-trashiness!”
23.You story tell
24.And you Story tell very well! You are my Favorite!
25.You know how to get things done
26.and get them right the first time
27.Hard work is not a problem for you.
28.Betty Boop is one of your ICONS!
29.You care about others.
30.You send Birthday cards to ALL our relatives.
31.You won't admit it but you are a computer geek.
32.You enjoy Depeche Mode, and peter Gabriel among many others.
33.You think 80’s music is the BEST! ( I would agree)
34.You want to be a dancer on stage or in a show .
35.If you had your chance you would also be a singer and have an album
36.You love solving puzzles.
37.You love to solve mysteries and enigmas
38.You can outwit many.
39.Your humor is like mine only more intelligent.
40.You strive to be the best.
41.You would love to sit in an old house staring out the window.
42.You would write with pen and ink while staring out the window while it was bright and sunshine outside.
43.You would write in the middle of the woods!
44.You love rainy warm days.
45.Rain and thunder at night are romantic to you
46.You love to cuddle by a fire.
47.You love the bright sunshine.
48.You love to hike in the woods.
49.You love camping.
50.You WOULD climb trees if there were any to climb.
51.You think it would rock to have a home in the Trees!
52.You are a Johny Depp fan (admit it)
53.You wish you could fly.
54.You wish you could be a fairy and have wings!
55.You like drawing when your imagination hits you
56.Ice cream is essential.
57.Peanut Butter: You could eat it all day with a spoon.
58.You don’t want to live anywhere that doesn’t have trees.
59.You are afraid of the dark.
60.Dark water DOES scare you.
61.Even Deep swimming pools.
62.Sea monsters and sharks are creepy.
63.Even fake ones on display
64.Autumn is your favorite.
65.Halloween is the most fun for you.
66.You give generously of yourself.
67.Sometimes more than you should.
68.When on business you like to dress professionally.
69.You are NOT a slob.
70.You have a heart for stuffed animals.
71.You care about them and there well being!
72.You care about people you love.
73.You would go totally out of your way for them.
74.You don’t like to be looked down upon.
75.You don’t like to be interrupted.
76.or condescended
77.You love children.
78.You can jump into their funny little world.
79.And talk on their level
81.You are THE MOMMA BEAR.
82.You are my Honey Bear.
83.You are an understanding person.
84.You are an understanding mother.
85.You let your kids think and figure things out.
86.But you direct them from stupid decisions.
87.You are the best mom any kid could ask for.
88.You love Romantic Comedies
89.You love the world of Fantasy Make believe but keep one foot in reality
90.You Love music and many forms of it
91.You love to dance when the mood hits you
92.You want to go to Paris, France
93.You want to travel Europe in a balloon ride.
94.You wish you had your own Hot air balloon
95.You would love to Learn to speak French , Spanish, and Italian.
96.You want to buy an old Victorian house and fix it up.
97.You love Doll Houses.
98.You are a shutter Bug.
99.You like to have your things organized.
100.You like to entertain and have people over at the house.
101.You have beautiful Raven Black hair!
102.You have perfectly soft skin!
103.Your big, beautiful, brown eyes capture my soul when I look into them
104.It makes me fall more in love with you.
105.You have the perfect figure any man could ask for!
106.You are the most wonderful wife.
107.You are my best friend and soul mate.
108.The Lord Jesus has saved you.
109.You are a changed person because of it.
110.You are happy.
111.And you love me, I love you too.


At 16:40, Blogger scott said...

Hey, thanks!

At 21:17, Blogger Kassi said...

I know...he's so sweet to you!


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