Thursday, August 11, 2005

100 Things About Me List!

1. My dream job is to be a river guide. But I highly doubt that will ever happen...
2. I just realized 4 days ago that I am a David Bowie fan.
3. I don't like talking on the phone. I love writing letters, and receiving emails.
4. I get hooked on video games, and internet novelties very easily...
5. Which is why I avoid them as much as possible.
6. I like cleaning my house.
7. I will be very very glad when I finally graduate college...
8. Because I have very little energy or ambition to do my coursework.
9. I am a stay at home mom.
10. I got married for the first time at age 18.
11. 7 years and 2 children later I was divorced.
12. I have been diagnosed with depression...
13. But I am not taking medication by choice...
14. Because I am more afraid of the side effects of medications than the actual diagnosis.
15. When I hear a good song on the radio, if I can't immediately get up and dance I daydream that I am in a choreographed music video.
16. I was in band.
17. I played the oboe, flute, and bassoon.
18. I can't remember how to play any of those instruments, though I would like to re learn to play the oboe and the flute.
19. I've never used drugs...

20. Except when prescribed.
21. I used to be a cat person, then I was a dog person.
22. Now I'm just a person.
23. I roleplay.
24. I used to be a story teller in a live chat for White Wolf.
25. I am recovering from that experience just fine thankyou.
26. I hate being tickled...
27. Because when I was very young I was pinned down and tickled until I cried...and even then they didn't stop.
28. Mucus freaks me out...
29. Therefore I dread sinus infections and colds.
30. My children are all at least 4 years apart...
31. But I wish that they were closer in age.
32. I want to have another baby...
33. Maybe two...
34. And I will not even have caught up with my great aunt who has seven children.
35. I like taking photos.
36. Of anything.
37. It makes me sad when no one takes photos of me.
38. But I don't photograph well, so maybe it is for the best.
39. When I was younger, I decided that I would always have ice cream in my freezer....
40. Today I wish I had stuck to my guns on that one.
41. My favorite ice cream is: chocolate with peanut butter swirls.
42. My favorite book is the Thesaurus.
43. Followed by the Dictionary.
44. Funny, I don't own a thesaurus, and my dictionary is an old battered paperback.
45. I used to have a tree fort.
46. I only have 3 first cousins.
47. I'm a terrible procrastinator.
48. I love pens...
49. I'm always looking for new and interesting ones.
50. I also love paper...
51. Don't take me to a stationary store unless you intend to let me look and buy.
52. I have several different handwritings...
53. I tried to decide on one, but couldn't.
54. My favorite word is 'mercurial'.
55. I have never broken a bone.
56. I have also never jumped out of a plane.
57. I want to jump out of a plane.
58. I wear glasses.
59. I want contacts, or to get my eyes lasered. [say "lasered" like Dr. Evil]
60. I like going to comedy clubs.
61. My grandmother's laugh used to embarrass me because it was loud...
62. Now I strive to laugh like her.
63. I appear more ambitious than I really am.
64. In fact sometimes I am downright lazy.
65. I pray a lot.
66. I used to love climbing trees.
67. I think I would still love it if I had a tree to climb.
68. I am afraid of the water.
69. I am also afraid of the dark.
70. Dark water freaks me out inconceivably.
71. I swear when I am angry.
72. I despise pornography.
73. If I go back to work, I would like to be helping people.
74. Whenever a child cries in the store, I always look to see if they need help.
75. If they do, I help them.
76. My sister was lost while at Disney World once...
77. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.
78. I regret not being a better big sister.
79. I was a bully to my cousins when I was younger.
80. I regret that very much.
81. I've apologized.
82. I love crayons, they make me very happy
83. I love the smell of old books.
84. One of my favorite places on a summer day is stretched out on a freshly made bed while the sunshine pours through the windows above me.
85. I should have been a cat.
86. I love home made Italian Food.
87. I also love Mexican Food.
88. I also love hot dogs with mustard, relish, ketchup and a side of potato chips.
89. I'm hungry right now.
90. My favorite beverage is Coca Cola in the glass bottles.
91. I prefer Bed and Breakfast over Hotel.
92. I will never be the mom I want to be.
93. But I am learning to be content with the mom that I am.
94. I love that true happiness comes in small doses on mundane days.
95. I can bait a hook.
96. I don't mind getting muddy.
97. I sometimes think I know more than I should...
98. And other times I know that I am completely clueless.
99. I miss the fresh tomatoes in my mom's garden growing up.
100. My favorite season is Autumn.


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