Saturday, June 11, 2005

Meet W.C.F. ; "Fluffy" for short.

Hi my name is Kassi and I am a shopaholic.

Not in the sense that I shop all the time, but I suffer from bouts of depression brought on by the messes I get myself into...and to make myself feel better; or more specifically to send myself into oblivion, I shop.

This past week I entered a shopping frenzy. A frenzy that was used to diffuse my stress over a mid term exam that I had no chance of passing.

You can recognize when I am in this state by the fact that I am searching madly all over a store looking for bargains, and my eyes are glazed.

I'm the lady at the check out counter that is almost hyperventilating when she hands over her card, because she can't quite remember what she bought, and even worse if she bought what she came for...

I am the woman, worn out and carry several bags of items of which she has no will be like Christmas when she gets home.

Opening those bags to surprise herself again and again.

I found this purse...isn't it cute?

Yes, it is the perfect shade of baby pink. I tried to convince myself to take it back to the store, but I had already named it...and you know the rule...

Once you name is yours.


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