Friday, June 10, 2005

Ready Mom!

My youngest announces that she is ready to go...

Ready to go generally means one of two things in Kimi's world-Go to the Park, or Go Shopping. She loves to shop. Especially for shoes. She also likes to wear princess clothes, which translates to "dresses". Right now she is wearing a princess shirt...which looks like a sun dress, but shorter.

Anyway, she tells me she is ready to go...and I figure she is putting on her shoes. So I take a look and there she is decked out in a snow suit, winter hat and a pair of sandals.

I admire her tenacity in wanting to go shopping, but I am going to have to work with her a bit on coordinating her wardrobe...


At 08:16, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

I dunno, bag ladies everywhere would DIE for an outfit like that. Too bad they would never look so dang cute in it!


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