Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I like you too

My three year old daughter has learned the word "like" very fact the first time I heard her say it was when I took her on a bike ride this past Sunday.

We had ridden down a small hill and she exclaimed "I LIKE IT".. "WHOO HOO"!

Every day since has been peppered with her letting me know what she likes.

"I like cookies Ma Ma"

"I like raisins Ma Ma"

"I like candy Ma Ma"

It tickles me that she has learned this expression, because it is the first time she has expressed her feeling in words for the things that make her happy.

I know perfectly well that she likes raisins and cookies. But now she tells me.

I find it interesting that she says "like" instead of "love" since she knows how to say the word "love"...she knows how to say it because I say it to her and she repeats back to me that she loves me too. And to be sure it is always very endearing when your child tells you that they love you.

However...I wonder if she really knows what love is? I mean, me as an adult...I hardly understand it. Therefore, there has always been a distinct difference between "love" and "like"...and me personally, I prefer "like".

Maybe because it takes extra effort to like someone. Liking them means that you want to be in their presence because they make you smile inside. Whereas is much deeper and more complex. Love isn't a simple thing. And in my experiences doesn't bring simple joys, and often brings tears. Like doesn't hurt. Love does.

Today my three year old daughter who tells me that she likes bike rides, raisins, candy, and cookies said: "I like you Ma Ma".

And while the first time that she repeated back to me that she loves me is a cherished moment...this unprovoked exclamation means much more...maybe because I know that she knows what she is saying.

She knows what she likes...and she likes me.


At 06:34, Blogger Fin said...

Like, Y'know
Te he.. I think it's WONDERFUL that your daughter likes you. I can recall one of best ways for my mom to make it clear that she was disappointed in some of my less than brilliant decisions as I was growing up, was to tell me "I love you... I always love you... but right now, I don't like you very much." It was always a very powerful moment and ALWAYS encouraged me to go back and think about what I had done that would make my mom not like me.
Thanks for sharing this... it's wonderful!

At 07:56, Blogger Kassi said...

that is definitely what I mean. I love my children, but sometimes I don't like their behaviors...and vice versa. "like" has more to do with friendship. Right now Kimi considers me her "friend". Pretty cool circle to be in actually.

At 08:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes! That dosent happen very often. That is priceless.



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