Saturday, March 19, 2005



For some reason when I looked at this photo for the first time, I suddenly realized that my daughter is no longer "adorable"...she is beautiful.

Somehow, somewhere along the way...she became a young lady. In this photo I can almost see the lovely young woman she is going to be.

Maybe it is the expression on her face that brings to mind what is yet to come...she is anticipating sharing these cupcakes with her friends...and the cake that I have baked her for later on...she is also anticipating the gifts that we have for her.

Whatever it is, my perspective of this snapshot translates her anticipation into an expression that allows me to see peeking through her smile, the face of a more mature Abigaille.


At 08:14, Blogger Fin said...

I see the young woman too... it honestly took me by surprise... amazing, innit?


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