Tuesday, February 22, 2005

"There is always the Library"

I wanted to address this comment in full, because I think that it deserves some attention...

Yes, of course there is always the library, yet last I heard they didn't actually appreciate bringing overly active, loud, extremely curious and somewhat uncontrollable two year olds to them.

I am a bit limited to where I can go and how long...in fact going to Barnes and Noble even for a half hour is stretching it.

Last night [while at Barnes and Noble] you could spot me as the frazzled woman skimming over the books shelves with a crazed look in her eyes-trying desperately to find a book, any book that would appease her need to ESCAPE.

I was the one pushing the stroller that contained the half naked two year old. Half naked by her choice, not by mine. But letting her undress herself gave me about 5 minutes of peace...peace meaning I wasn't continually taking books away from her as she attempted to PULL THEM OFF THE SHELVES to create an avalanche. Peace also meant that she wasn't screaming bloody murder, or escaping to wreak havoc and doom on an unsuspecting public.

[Don't ask me where Caleb was, he disappeared two seconds after stepping through the door--I don't blame him]

Yes...the library is a nice place, a quiet place...a place of serenity...I don't want to ruin that for other people. I could not possibly let loose that devastation at such a sanctuary. That would be cruel. So...I will shop Ebay, it is safer that way.

Ok I have to go...she is bellowing for me to feed her...


At 19:23, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Don't forget your Amazon.com wishlist!


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