Monday, February 21, 2005

Sunday Night Reflections

Yes, this one is getting out there a little late, but late is better than never.
This past week was pretty eventful as far as the Gilbert household goes, so I am ready for a new one...hopefully more relaxed.

This past weekend was pretty good. Caleb and I hung out together on Friday night, and watched a movie. He was able to see AVP for the first time. He really liked it as I knew he would.

Saturday I went to my grandma's birthday party...they decided to hold it at a bar, I didn't like bringing my kids there, I didn't like my kids smelling like smoke, but overall it was a very nice time, and it was good to see my grandma. Saturday night I finished up my homework [thankfully] and was able to get to bed at a decent hour.

We have been going to a new church, and this morning's services affirmed that we are making a good decision for our children. They have some great community programs for kids and adults, and the atmosphere is alive in the love of our Lord. So, no complaints there.

I received a call this evening from our good freind Scott C. He will be coming out to visit in April or May, and we are looking forward to the visit. This time we will try to plan something fun to do for him. However, I will have to conced to go to White Castle...because he doesn't have one out where he is. [not that I think he is missing anything but hey..]

At any rate, it was good to hear from him, and I am glad that I can talk church stuff with him even though we don't believe the same thing. It is still nice to have that part of my life be respected rather than an uncomfortable issue between us. Thank you for that Scott.

My relationship with my extended family is no better or worse than it has ever been. I believe that I will always be the black sheep of that particular group of people. For whatever reason, I could not tell you...though I have speculations and it has a lot to do with unfounded gossiping. Oh well. I am just so very thankful for the family that I have with my husband, children and least there, they are willing to know me before passing judgement. I can only pray that someday my extended family will try to get to know who I am, rather than who I was

Other thoughts on friends, sometimes they don't always appear to be as close as you once thought they were. That's ok. People grow apart, and come back together, weaving in and out of your life as God sees fit. I miss many of the friends I have had in my life...losing touch for whatever reason. But I am still very blessed with the friends I have now. So for those who I am not as close with as I used to is okay. Maybe in the years to come we will renew that spark. Until then take care.

I am also very thankful for my brothers and sister. It is amazing to me that of all the possibilities in life that could have happened to our relationships with each other, we still manage to be good to one another. I think that they are wonderful people...and I hope that we can continue to grow closer as time progresses.

As for myself...I am just happy that I am passing my classes. It appears that praying actually does work.



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