Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Evil Jester

A few nights ago we were visited by an evil being.

Apparently, the children weren't doing their chores properly and my silent wish of "Evil Jester Evil Jester come take these children away..right now" was answered. [see the Labrynth for details on this incantation]

Try as we might, we could not negotiate his intent [to take the kids away]. So I thought perhaps if he was to get away with this horrible deed, I would take a picture to record it, and then find him later, or report him to the authorities.
I'd have PROOF.
So, with some flattery I was able to get him to stand still enough to snap this photo. To my surprise he vanished with the flash of the camera, and all that was left of him was his lingering scream fading from my perceptions.

It wasn't until yesterday when I went to snap another photo of my dear children that I saw the grinning face peering back at me...and heard the shrill cackle of his voice, and the bells of his hat...IN MY HEAD.

Apparently, I had trapped this evil jester in my camera... I tried deleting him from the camera several times to no avail. The only thing to get him out of there was to dowload him on to the PC.

Unfortunately, whenever I am on my computer, I can hear his laughter, so I have to send him away...to you, I'm sure you understand. Aren't I sweet? It's like a late Valentine's Day gift. Only not really.

I hope that he doesn't turn into a virus. No matter, at least I won't hear the laughter any longer...the shrill maniacal laughter...in my head...all the time. Would any of you like a peanut? hee heeee!

Evil Jester


At 10:02, Anonymous Scott C. said...

I remember the Evil Jester from my Michigan Adventure! You call on him often, don't you!!

The incantation I heard when he revealed himself was, "Evil Jester, take the Russian seamstresses FAR away!!" :P


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