Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Flirting with Danger

I guess I have always been a little bit of a thrill seeker. Even though I am a mother of three, I still feel drawn to do something outrageous every once in a while.

I have always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride. I was on a hot air balloon crew a few years ago, and I had to stop assisting, so I never got that free ride. I may revisit that some day.

I was a white water rafting boatman for one season. I went through some pretty arduous training, got certified, and then had to stop for one reason or another.

A few summers ago, my brother and I were making plans to go ghost hunting [this was even before that show came on the air]. We were going to explore old houses and buildings, and document our findings. But that never panned out.

Two years ago I was suppose to take flying lessons. Then I found out how expensive it is. [I haven't ruled this one out though..I may very well get my pilots license for practical reasons]

My latest idea is to go sky diving. Actually, I have been thinking about it for quite some time. One of my friend's went, and described it to me. I became instantly intrigued. So, I am looking on the websites of the sky diving companies in the area. It is about $165.00 for a full day class and the first jump.

Now, this is coming from a person who is EXTREMELY afraid of heights. Skydiving...yeah right. But it is exciting to think about.

My track record shows me that I like to flirt with danger...not actually have a relationship with it.


At 10:13, Anonymous Scott C. said...

From your post, yeah, you're definitely a danger-tease! :P

Go ahead and jump out of an airplane. Cured my fear of heights, mostly. Nearly wet my pants in the process, but still...


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