Saturday, February 12, 2005

Vamanos! Let's Go!

I am on the computer [as usual] blissfully perusing different websites, and I hear Kimi yelling from the other room "mommy pooopeeee" over and over. It takes me a minute to disengage my brain from the computer screen in order to respond to her, and when I do I say "ok, come here".

Kimi is potty training. Well sort of. She is almost 3, and that is ok. At first, we tried to potty train her right at 2 years old. But all our "training" did was set her back. It got to the point where she didn't want to acknowledge that she had a crappy diaper. Nothing we said nothing we did would coax her to want to tell us that she had to go. So our indicator that she has to have a diaper change has been purely of the olphactory persuasion.

Anyway, I decided that we should try something different. Ignore her. Ok, not ignore her, but not try to convince her to do anything [which generally just stresses us out--BECAUSE SHE IS IN CONTROL] You can't MAKE a 2 1/2 year old tell you that she has to go to the bathroom. It's impossible.

So...anyway...lately she has been telling me that she has done the deed...which is a huge step up. And every time she tells me, I am like "ok come here" because she either has gone already, or I am hoping it will be that one monumental moment that she HASN'T gone already and I can sit her atop of her Dora Potty Seat.

Ok, so this time, as per usual, I said "ok come here"...but she only responded with more adamance "MOMMYYYY POOOOO_PEEEE"....[finally getting my attention] and then Abi informs me that Kimi is still in her high chair. oops.

Well, I get up and go towards the dining area, and the smell hits me. I was too late--again. So I change her and I ask her if she wants to sit on her Dora potty chair [which depicts the cute little Dora character, her monkey friend boots, and "Vamanos!" "Lets Go!" in pink letters--for encouragement of course!]

She sits down and pretends...and after she is bored with it, tells me that "She did it"...and then it hits me...maybe this whole potty training thing is going so slow because of me. I mean...if the 3 year old has to yell to get my attention that she has a stinky diaper...maybe I am the one who needs the training?? Maybe its the fact that I am on The Internet? I mean...Abi was potty trained MUCH earlier.

It's noon on Saturday and I am still in my jammies.

I need an inspirational potty seat.


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