Monday, January 09, 2006

30 days

I am no good at sticking to self guided goals. My energy, my attention, my drive is inspired by short bursts of energy, not longevity.

I'm still trying to kick my Coke habit. It's hard though...that red and white bottle is so enticing.

I heard once that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. As I wobble through my beginners pilates workout, I wonder if they meant 30 consecutive days, or can they be stretched out over a year.


At 11:37, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Kassi- there is a message to you on my site. Please, take a moment to read it.

At 11:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was a young, single thing, my roomie L and I decided that we should start a work-out routine. We bought the tapes (this was a while ago...) and good cross-trainers and made up a work-out chart.

Well, neither of us could catch on to the activity on the tape, so we had to rewind and re-watch --often.

Eventually, we decided that we were totally confusing ourselves, so perhaps we should watch the entirety of the tape and then work out.

Our other roomie, K, came home to find us with our feet propped up on the coffee table eating popcorn, watching Denise Austin get in shape.

K laughed for WEEKS about this!

--Kim R

At 13:46, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

Coke is just too good. I only lasted a week without it. My thighs do not thank me for my lack of willpower...

At 15:01, Blogger diggincookin said...

A twelve ounce can of Coke contains 155 calories. Three cans a day equals 465 calories. Each week this is 3255 calories (more than a day and a half of a normal caloric intake). Each month this is 14,105 calories. You would need to go dancing for about 53 straigh hours to burn this many calories off.

How's that for a motivator.

Happy booty shaking.

At 16:17, Blogger Kassi said...

I don't actually drink THAT much coke. but I will still have fun shaking my booty.

At 16:32, Blogger Kassi said...


I can only imagine how much K laughed. :)

At 16:35, Blogger diggincookin said...

BTW, I swear that I'm a gonna be a good boy and actually post more than once a month!


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