Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kassi Needs...

I typed in "Kassi Needs" into Google, and this is what it tells me. It is kind of like a a messed up psyche eval... then again, in my case perhaps not too far off the mark.

Kassi Needs:

An experienced family that will support her special needs.
You right now.
Only 6 MACH points.
Students in York and Adams county.
A helping hand.
To learn from your experience.
A bicycle.
DVD’s and videos.
To release it.
To make up her mind.
Only one more Gamblers leg.
Something more.
Your help.
To divulge anything.
A plan.
Everybody’s prayers and support.
Her own home.
More CHD awareness.
To be validated.
To sign up for both lecture and seminar.
Her own blog.
To control her temper.
To be subtle and lovely.
A bloody good talking to.
A pair of low to no heeled boots.
To leave home.
A liver transplant.
Him to take pictures
To know about healthy eating.
More emphasis on F and E.
Her own show.
To be cast into oblivion.
To be handled.
To be taught when her protectiveness is appropriate.
Daily injections.
A bum shot.
A little extra time.
To balance the demands.
To lose some weight.
To be presented to the BMorg as a gift.
A one-year renewable clause.
To have a stronger focus.

And last but certainly not least...and probably my favorite...

A little more cowbell.


At 16:55, Blogger scott said...

Never argue with Bruce Dickenson.


secret word: aquncy (The measure of how much water can be absorbed by gold-plated diapers)

At 18:14, Blogger Kassi said...

dang straight!

At 21:10, Blogger Kelly said...

A little more cowbell made me laugh.

At 21:42, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Ooh - a little more cowbell - like in that SNL sketch. You could be FAMOUS, girl.

At 23:05, Blogger Von Krankipantzen said...

Oh! A little more cowbell? Alright!

At 10:18, Blogger bella said...

Drugs? Heck I could use some of those too!!! LOL

At 22:18, Blogger Turtlellini said...

What a great idea! Maybe I'll try it sometime!

At 22:22, Blogger Kassi said...

It was actually pretty hilarious. I did it for my husband as well...apparently Caleb needs to weild the power of the one ring...go figure. [he's a LOTR fanatic]


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