Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wednesday Rampage

After composing my "To-Do" list yesterday I proceded to go on a cleaning rampage, which consisted of making three or four tasks out of one. For instance; "washing the dishes" turned to "washing the dishes, counters, oven, dishwasher, and kitchen floor".

So cleaning took longer than I had hoped. Which left no time for homework. However it was once again affirmed that Lysol is my best friend.

With guests coming over at 7:00, I was antsy throughout the night. It was an enjoyable evening, but overshadowed by my self inflicted stress knowing that homework was not done. I am such a child sometimes.

So I finished my homework just a half an hour ago. After procrastinating about it all day really. And then when it came time to post my work, the discussion thread kept rejecting my post. So, I thought well this is just ironic. I get it done, albeit late, and I can't post it anyway.

Seems my answers were too long-winded. THAT is par for the course.


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